Mail-in Semen Analysis Testing

Center For Urologic Care of Berks County partners with Fellow to provide mail-in semen analysis testing for our patients. Testing with Fellow provides an in-depth analysis of your fertility without leaving home.

If recommended to you by our providers, you’ll buy the Fellow kit, produce a sample, and mail it back to Fellow’s CLIA-certified lab. Then, both you and Center for Urologic Care of Berks County will get easy-to-understand results within 2 days of Fellow receiving your sample.

Fellow’s mail-in tests are clinically validated and easy-to-use.

What does Fellow test for?

Fellow provides two types of test:

● Semen Analysis: this test provides a full semen analysis including sperm count, concentration, motility and morphology. This test is most commonly used by men interested in understanding their fertility.

● Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis: this test is used to ensure your vasectomy was successful and meets the American Urological Association guidelines for post-vasectomy semen analysis. The test is performed 12 weeks after your vasectomy.

Additionally, Fellow provides services like Cryopreservation , which are subscription-based. You pay an annual fee to have your sperm stored at Fellow’s lab and can ensure your fertility is preserved for when you want it.

Contact Center for Urologic Care of Berks County at 610-372-8995 or text us securely at 610-546-7727. For more information you can also visit Fellow’s website,