Prostate Ultrasound and Biopsy

A prostate ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the prostate gland. The ultrasound guides the urologist in taking tissue samples (biopsies) from the prostate. These tissue samples are tested for cancer cells.

Common Indications

  • Elevated PSA blood test
  • Abnormal rectal exam

Preparing for the Procedure


Certain medications that thin your blood will need to be stopped prior to this procedure. If you take one baby aspirin (81mg) daily, you DO NOT need to stop this medication. Please refer to the Medications Instructions Form for instructions on other medications to stop prior to the procedure. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the cancellation of your procedure.

What to Wear or Bring

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Please bring your insurance cards and method of payment. Personal checks are not accepted.

Bathing Instructions

Please shower or bathe within 24 hours before the procedure.

Time of Procedure

Our receptionist will contact you the day before your procedure with your final report time. Most patients can expect to be at our center for two hours.

Medical Insurance

Our billing department will notify you before the day of surgery if you are responsible for any out of pocket medical insurance deductibles or co-pays.

Contact Information

If you need to reschedule the procedure or have questions regarding the procedure, please contact the urologist’s office at 610-372-8995.

If you need to cancel day of surgery, please contact Berks Urologic Surgery Center at 610-685-1044.

The Day of the Procedure

At Home

Use a Fleets enema 2 hours before your appointment to evacuate your rectum of stool. The enema kit may be purchased at any drug store.


When you arrive at the center, a nurse will walk you through the pre-operative process. Please bring along a list of medications. Please notify our staff if you have any allergies.


Your doctor will order antibiotics to be administered to you by the nurse the day of your procedure. You may then be required to wait up to 1 hour before the procedure will begin. This allows the antibiotic to reach an effective level in your body when the doctor is performing the biopsies.

What to Expect

You will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist down and change into a patient gown. When you are in the patient gown you will be asked to empty your bladder and escorted to the pre-op waiting area. You may have a family member or friend wait with you during this time.


You will be escorted to the operating room and positioned on the exam table. The doctor will start by performing a rectal exam. The doctor will then gently insert a smooth, well-lubricated ultrasound probe into your rectum. The probe is about the size of an index finger. Ultrasound images of your prostate will be viewed on a monitor. This is called Transrectal Ultrasonography (TRUS).

A local anesthetic may be injected to “numb” the prostate. Using the TRUS imaging as a guide, the doctor will begin to take biopsies. The biopsy needle is a small, spring-loaded needle that is guided next to the probe taking quick samples of tissue. Approximately 12 prostate biopsies will be taken. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes to complete.


After the procedure, a nurse will escort you to the recovery room. A nurse will check your vital signs, review your discharge instructions and follow up appointments that may be required. You will receive a copy of the discharge instructions. When you are ready for discharge, the nurse will escort you back to the changing rooms.

After the Procedure

What to Expect

It will be normal to have blood in your urine, stool, and seminal fluid that may last for several days up to a week. You may notice blood in your seminal fluid for longer periods of time, 1-2 months.

It is not normal to have fever, shaking, chills, or flu-like symptoms. If any of these symptoms occur, please contact our office immediately at 610-372-8995. If the office is closed, follow the instructions on the answering service.

Recovery from this procedure is different for everyone. You may want to take it easy the rest of the day. You may feel sore or uncomfortable for the remainder of the day. Acetaminophen as directed on the label may be taken for discomfort.

Generally, the results will be available in about 7 days. You can expect an appointment with your doctor a week or two after the procedure to review the results.

Thank you for choosing Berks Urologic Surgery Center. We look forward to taking care of you.