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Erectile Dysfunction: Coping Before and During Treatment

It can take time to find the right treatment for ED. And with lifestyle changes and surgery, it takes time for the situation to improve. What can men do in the meantime? How can they cope with ED in the here and now?

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Fellow Mail-in Semen Testing Kit

Mail-in Semen Analysis Testing

Center For Urologic Care of Berks County partners with Fellow to provide mail-in semen analysis testing for our patients. Testing with Fellow provides an in-depth analysis of your fertility without leaving home. If recommended to you by our providers, you’ll buy the Fellow kit, produce a sample, and mail it back to Fellow’s CLIA-certified lab.

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Illustration of a penile prosthesis

Penile Implants

A penile implant (also called a penile prosthesis) is a surgically placed, mechanical device that helps a man get an erection—and keep it—for as long as he likes.

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A man looks confused reading the drug information on packages

Sexual Supplements: What Patients Should Know

Around the world, people spend millions of dollars on dietary supplements each year. Many of the products are advertised as sexual enhancement products, claiming to boost libido, increase sexual pleasure, or give a man firmer erections.

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Talking to a Partner About Peyronie’s Disease

Sex can be a sensitive topic for any couple. Some people are shy about their bodies or feel embarrassed discussing a subject so private and personal. But there are times when sexual issues need attention, and Peyronie’s disease can be one of those times.

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Illustration of testes, epididymides, and vasa deferentia. One vas deferens has been cut. The other vas deferens has been cut and tied closed.

Vasectomy: Your Questions Answered

Our Q&A goes over many of the questions many men have as they’re contemplating having a vasectomy.

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Mediterranean Map

Mediterranean Diet: Can It Improve Erections?

A balanced, nutritious diet can lower risk for a variety of health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes. And a diet full of fast food and TV dinners could have the opposite effect. This notion applies to sexual health, too.

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Chalkboard with facts checked off

Prostate Cancer Myths and Popular Beliefs: What’s True and What’s Not True?

The goal of this article is to debunk false information and clarify some of the issues medical scientists still debate. For topics still in debate, we put this information into context using current, peer-reviewed research on Prostate Cancer.

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Cross section of a model prostate


Men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer typically have many questions. Perhaps the most common question: What can you expect from treatment?

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Kegel Exercises

Just like any muscle group, your pelvic floor can weaken over time. Kegel exercises help to keep your pelvic floor muscles in shape.

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Pregnancy and Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be a particular challenge for pregnant women. The way stones are diagnosed and treated may need to be adjusted during pregnancy for the safety of the mother and her baby.

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Lab worker holding test tube with urine sample, health check, medical analysis


Physicians have been using urinalysis as a diagnostic tool for about 6,000 years. Nowadays, with updated and improved methods, it remains an effective, quick, and easy way to find out more about your overall health.

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Woman with abdominal pain, injury while running, trauma during workout

Urine Leakage During Exercise

Urinary incontinence while you’re exercising is pretty common. The good news is that there are treatments available to resolve incontinence.

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How do you manage stress?

Psychological Stress and Male Infertility

You probably know that stress can have some negative effects on your health. Stress might have an effect on your fertility as well. While the scientific data isn’t firm, several studies have suggested a link between stress and male infertility.

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Medical scientist studying blood sample under microscope


Hematuria is the general term for blood in your urine. Microhematuria (sometimes called microscopic hematuria) is a subtype of hematuria.

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Photo of condoms and oral birth control pills

Male Birth Control: Information for Men

Perhaps you and your partner are finished having children. Or you just know you don’t want children in the future and want to make sure no unplanned pregnancies happen. If this is the case, you might be looking for permanent methods of birth control.

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A woman and a man sit on a couch, smiling toward the camera. The woman leans her head against the man, who has an arm around her shoulders.

Choosing a BPH Treatment

There are many ways to treat an enlarged prostate, and it’s normal for patients to have questions about all the available options.

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A physician works on papers. Focus is on a plaque in the foreground with Urologist written on it.

Medications for OAB

If your doctor can’t find a cause for your OAB, don’t worry. Drugs can still help ease your symptoms.

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Read about the Uroflow test

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